Magazine May 2015

A new concept.

2015 was born under the sign of clarity.
Billiani applies a reasoned selection of its production and now is, even morecoherently, the editor of a Collection of Chairs in Wood and Colors.
The new Billiani design collection has, beyond the fresh previews, the essence of the historical models, chosen according to the principle of belonging. Belonging to a timeless design and to the essential matter of the wood.
Therefore the color becomes even more strongly a hallmark, a wise interpretation of the products through the textile material and paints with a very cool and personal colors palette. 
New catalogue.

The new catalog consolidates the values ​​of a historical and at the same timeinnovative company, in the certainty that a signal of cleanliness in language and accuracy in the product express ever more clearly the contents of the Billiani brand, which is synonymous of elegance, craftsmanship and unmistakable Italian style.
We have chosen to produce clean images, free of settings or contamination, in order to let out the potential of each one of our design products. The few graphic elements in the scene have been carefully pondered and placed to make harmonious, fresh, and stimulating the narrative of the entire collection.
The clarity of the message and the simplicity of reading are the foundation of our philosophy, a mode of expression intrinsic of the brand that extends to all forms of communication of the product. 
The product was photographed in all its peculiarities, from each and every angle, giving space to the significant details of lines, manufacturing, functionality; offering all the proper arguments to understand and appreciate the seats and furniture Billiani.
New web site.

Our new website is now available! More functional, more immediate with the possibility to quickly navigate through all the information regarding the brand. All products, news and references where Billiani has been chosen among many other offers and every time
it has been a success. Today every information you seek you will find.
2015 edition: Spy.

Fresh from inspired pencil of  Emilio Nanni comes the new armchair that makes a serious subject out of comfort. Spy gambles it all on the fusion between the frame and seat, which has never been so sweet.
A careful study of the building is what makes it stand out: because of the precious manufacturing of the padded shell that draws from the Italian high fashion and tailoring. Only with accurate and wise stitching you can get the fold of the seatback fabric up to the rear leg.
The design becomes soft and elegant to reach an enhanced comfort while conferring a clear sign of prestige to the setting.