Magazine May 2016

Rope yourselves in!
Yet another project with Tarruellla Trenchs Studio, after the "BuenasMigas" and the "Bravo" fitted out in bubbling Barcelona.
Now we're off to Madrid:  rope yourselves in on our lovely Load chair ...
Ready, steady, go!
At Cincos Jotas they are on a mission:
to convey their passion for tasting fine Iberian Serrano ham by exciting all fellow diners.
The restaurant is is located in a four-floor building, passionately designed by Tarruella Trenchs Studio, with forty years of experience and a young team on top of its game with over 100 successful and invariably striking fit-outs.

At Cincos Jotas they have only used high-value materials, including a floating roof in light walnut with an acorn-shaped hole that gives the feeling of being under the oaks of the Dehesa groves of southern Spain.
The whole oozes craftsmanship, authenticity and an affinity with original values.
The open outdoor terrace is covered by a natural rope mesh which conjures up the villages of Andalucia.

Load is a seating family designed by Emilio Nanni.
Find out all about Load and it's great versatility.