Magazine January 2016

"Freshness #1" & "I+G"
We are thoroughly caught up in the energy that bursts out of one of the most excitingly important activities known to mankind: a project.
And we are really going for it! We’ve been exploring another corner of that realm where Billiani’s style can be put to creative use.
So we are pleased now to present two new sales materials that explain our efforts: the “Freshness” brochure that introduces our 2016 launches;  along with the “I+G” catalogue, which delves into the myriad combinations of two of our collections - the upholstery of Inka alongside Grapevine tables.
Both publications have been designed by our art director, Lara Vidotto, with graphic support from Alessandro Mazzero and photography by Beppe Brancato.
Freshness #1

Freshness continues the expressive clarity, as stunningly potrayed through brightness and light within the 2015 Billiani general catalogue, in the presentation of each and every item, illustrating how these can be adapted in terms of model and colourways, to set off to a tee a range of interior project types.
A little story about Inka and Grapevine

“I+G” strikingly shows how two distinctively sleek ranges can be juxtaposed to create a streamlined look in commercial and public spaces.

We do so believe the technical and design savoir faire that stems from years of experience and informs all of our furniture. And we believe equally in making our hard work and dedication  known  - as well as our love for these new designs that we have prepared for you.