MusiVarium Festival

If we fail to give due consideration to the arts, poetry, music, cultural skills, if we think solely about our efficiency and our output, will we really be in a fit state to produce well, to reply with an impact suited to our day and age?
Culture is the soul of a people.  These are not Billiani words, but we too believe that without culture, our very existence and, practically speaking, our dear Made In Italy battlecry are destined to end up woefully superficial.
Without fully joining in, without playing the game to its fullest, can we really make our own contribution to the end goal of quality itself?
And once again we have replied in the affirmative.

Inspired by his innately bold vitality, Luigi Billiani didn’t stop at delivering a chair into the hands of the  artist, Lillian Sizemore, who, though mosaics, grasped the nettle to express her artistic voice.
The good thing is that a dialogue started up, and Billiani wanted to understand Lillian’s sensibility and intent.  Thus traditional craftsmanship has sprung to the service of the artistic needs of this inspiration.  It has been an integrated project, with the desire to overcome obstacles:
to juxtapose two different materials, warm and welcoming wood with hard and irregular mosaics.  There has been a competition, and the various entries can all be viewed on the site

For us, knowing how to rise up to a challenge, and to come through it enriched, really is the only true victory.

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