Magazine June 2015

Who on earth could get bored here!
Kavana Boban attracts lovers of Italian taste in food and furnishings.  It’s an eclectic sort of place that does away with any aloofness in favour of a relaxed setting with authentically dynamic materials.
It’s a rather striking and spacious locale, with a feature distressed ceiling that creates warmth.  You’ll never get bored here, not even when seated, because all manner of stimuli mingle and merge to cater for a variety of ways to chill out:  on tall barstools or on comfy low armchairs, or on sofas where it’s easier to snuggle up side by side.
Within this context, various Billiani pieces interact harmoniously: the Egidio Panzera designed Grapevine tables, the various armchairs within Emilio Nanni’s Croissant collection, and the W. designed by Fabrizio Gallinaro.
Whenever diversity blends together in synergy, Billiani is happy, too.

Design by Emilio Nanni.

A refined sense of belonging unites the entire Croissant collection, a recurring design, the crosspiece which distinguishes all the seating, as well as the tables. From the dining table to lounge areas, from restaurant bars and lobbies to privating dining: a complete collection.

Design by Fabrizio Gallinaro.

Chair or barstool, lounge chair or rocker, all convey a strong historical characterization, alongside the height of modernity.

Design by Egidio Panzera.

A stylishly appealing table collection offering every solution for the function of a space. Available in the very latest waxed walnut finish, or in stained or lacquered beech, Grapevine tables can be customized in numerous ways. The geometric and neo-cubist base can have many types of top fitted to make Grapevine tables super elegant, perhaps with a cool vintage look, or perhaps more distinctively versatile with a touch of colour.


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