Magazine July 2015

And if it was a holiday in Forest?
Rising in an evocative pine forest setting in the Ukrainian province of Poltava, the Relax Park Verholy Hotel is a sophisticated wellbeing oasis where you can unwind and break away for a moment from the bustle of the city and enjoy the marvellous nature all around.
It was precisely this celebration of the surrounding nature, in fact, that guided the project carried out by YOD Design Lab for “Food & Forest”, an essential and at the same time appealing space characterized by a seamless fusion between the interior and outdoor spaces. This idea dominates all the interior solutions, where the choice of materials evokes the grandeur of the forest in which they are immersed and which seems to penetrate the large windows revealing it.

Stone, wood, copper, “glossy” Corten steel, leather and slate characterize, with natural sophistication, the rooms of the restaurant, conceived in different functional areas designed to accommodate about 100 people, including hotel guests and visitors from outside the hotel.

The cosiness of the rooms, in keeping with the park hotel concept, is emphasized by the selection of Inka Wood chairs, designed for Billani by Roberto Romanello in a number of different models: from the G200D sofa and its G200 armchair, to the S200 bergère armchair, the C200 dining chair and the A300SS stool, the products used here are spacious, embracing and able to invite guests to make themselves comfortable and begin a new taste and relaxation experience.
The company’s experimental vein found fertile ground in the rich proposal of Roberto Romanello who, through his prestigious INKA collection, conceived of an extensive system of upholstered seating with a clear stylistic connotation. This partnership has notably enriched the company’s traditional production range, combining the wooden seats with an articulate line of thirty-nine polyurethane padded components with solid wood and plywood frames (all also available in the steel base version), which come in a comprehensive
assortment of coverings.

Askew, with her sinewy and sculpted frame, fits perfectly in a Food & Forest context. Armchair, lounge chair and two-seater in solid beech or walnut, with fabric or leather upholstery.

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