Magazine September 2015

Art and Design meet at Ron Gastrobar!
We are in Amsterdam, in the homeland of Vincent Van Gogh, and we have touched down smoothly onto our Vincent V.G. chairs.  When, in 2007, we developed this original seating collection with the Designer Werther Toffoloni, it was “Van Gogh’s Chair” that provided the inspiration.
At Ron Gastrobar, the main objective is superior quality, in terms of cuisine, as served up there by Ron Blaauw, who can be counted amongst the foremost Dutch chefs; and in terms of furnishings, thanks to a delightful blend of Oriental style and the very best of Dutch tradition.

Comfortable seating is essential in the planning of eatery seating: it contributes to overall success in an exponential way. Hip, the architectural practice responsible for Ron Gastrobar, was perfectly well aware of this and played with contrast in every detail, in an elegant, yet very cool place where two-star Michelin delights can be enjoyed at affordable prices.

Vincent V. G. is an ace up the sleeve in terms of being a fearlessly incomparable product.
In this day and age, when keeping up with the latest trends is considered a hallmark of good design, this collection of chairs, armchairs and barstools boldly turns the tide as a sign of unmistakable authenticity.
Far removed from fine aesthetics.

Vincent V. G. was designed in his own inimitably genial way by Werther Toffoloni, a Grand Master of design, who, still to this very day, applies his 85 years of insight in designing with undiminished passion.
Toffoloni’s talent marries up with the manufacturer’s ability and savoir faire, in proposing through Vincent performance and function which reject any cosmetic intent.  Quite the reverse – he creates a true value from traditional architypes, which stands the test of time and has no need for a facelift!

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