New products 2016!

We are setting off on our 2016 journey with an effervescent fertility encompassing form, function and materials, extending existing families such as Spy and Grapevine, and unveiling the new entries Fratina and Tango.
All this is done whilst ensuring due attention to our woodworking heritage combined with our present-day expertise.

design Emilio Nanni

The frame is defined by a layout of clean lines that highlight the square, the back is made by bending the wood into a circle, at a reduced size in the chair version, more amply in the armchair.


design Emilio Nanni

Clarity of design, expert stitchwork by our upholsterers: a winning combination.


Grapevine metal base
design Egidio Panzera

A collection of table bases with unmistakable design, already very popular in its wooden versions and now able to slot into even more complex installations and offer cool solutions.


design Timo Ripatti

Tango gets to the very heart of wood itself, building into a pure and iconic object all the force and nature of this warm, living material through the best tradition of Scandinavian design.

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