Magazine June 2016

What you need to get into an exclusive club.

The only rule is to have a high profile:  character, style and quality.
So Billiani’s W chair enters whole-heartedly into a truly exclusive project, in line with the sharing generation. Workstyles nowadays are all about being flexible and peripatetic, sharing spaces, meeting up, developing ideas, finding contexts suited to generating ever-new technological and interactive work platforms.

In a  sophisticated atmosphere specifically devised for them,smart workers, entrepreneurial decision-makers and professionals of all types  need varied settings such as meeting rooms, open-plan and serviced offices.   The key factor is that an exclusive club is only exclusive if all combines to create an atmosphere of excellence, if all blends seamlessly into a harmonious system. Where even the tiniest detail of interior design is a choice that expresses quality and content.
Clubhouse Brera, entirely designed and fitted out by architect Laura Stecich, occupies the old Theatre of Grass, and plays host to conferences, meetings and cultural events, and we at Billiani feel sure that all those who take a seat there ….will blend well with each other.
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W. design Fabrizio Gallinaro

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