Magazine September 2016

The Whispering Portal.

BAO is a cutting-edge Chinese restaurant that brings together the vibrant metropolitan energies of Singapore, Hong Kong and New York.
This cosmopolitan mix was dreamt up by Yod design and conveys a feeling of old-fashioned traditions nestling snugly alongside innovation.

The Asian atmosphere immediately strikes you as you walk through the door with its traditional detail and symbols, but the pumping heart of this locale is a large “Whispering Portal” that diners pass through, thereby purging themselves of any negative energy, while mysterious voices whisper about happiness, wealth and prosperity.
A veritable ceremony of clean energy.

In this atmosphere of becalming beauty stands Eastern Europe’s longest communal dining table made up of seven individual tables joined together by six special brass mascots, symbolic harbingers of oriental philosophy:  more than 50 diners can sit together at one meal.
Specifically selected for this convivial peculiarity were a variety of Billiani chair models to convey the idea of enrichment through balanced diversity.

The Emilio Nanni & Billiani-designed Fratina chair won the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2016. And this is precisely why it’s called “the squaring of the circle!”
Given its proportions and stylish interplay of geometric shapes, its design is indeed made up of a network of clean lines that come across square-like;  the back is formed by curving wood into a circle, in perfect equilibrium of form.

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