Magazine November 2016

Keeping your taste buds up to date! … and more besides.

If you fancy yourselves as avid restaurant-goers, Sydney’s Nour is a must for your bucket list. As everyone is well aware, for a truly contemporary culinary culture you need to keep your taste buds up to date … and here this really does happen. Nour is very much the restaurant that redefines Lebanese cuisine, with a thousand and one gastronomic flavours!   The menu is an amalgam of cookery culture and techniques, thanks to the talents of internationally experienced Palestinian and Israeli chefs.

For this project, the way of enjoying the surroundings was carefully thought out from a fresh perspective and the surprising result has to be seen to be believed….the pale shades of the furnishings, from rose-water to pomegranate, from apricot to lilac, and then the delicate glow of the copper and of the metallic finishes, the light woods, the minimalist lines, the big windows that reach all the way up to the ceiling, the attention to light (for in Arabic Nour is the word for light). Within this setting, any preconceived expectations about Middle Eastern food are immediately turned on their heads and it was necessary to upgrade the furnishings with an eclectic mix of designer seating that would fit in well with a blend of colourways and woodstains.

For the Nour restaurant, as delightfully freshened up by DS17 interior designers, the very latest Billiani Sey chairs were chosen in a delicate shade of pink that perfectly interprets the feel of the surroundings, bleached beech high-backed W. Chairs, and super-comfy Hippy barstools in light grey.  A stylishly elegant eclectic mix.

Sey design by Emilio Nanni / W. design by Fabrizio Gallinaro / Hippy design by Emilio Nanni

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