Magazine December 2016

We like people who, like us, believe in the value of belonging.

Garibaldi Cafè & Bistrot is a uniquely contemporary new locale in terms of its shapes, colours and materials deployed;  it has been brought to life through transformation and ronovation, but it is rich above all in its awareness that it is housed in a place of great historical value, that it belongs to this history, and wants to respect it.

The renovation was undertaken by Pleroo Design, in collaboration with Architect Anna Stella Tinelli, and was specifically founded on the client’s desire to appreciate the importance of the location;  the town of Ostuni, its piazza, and the events that have taken place there over the years.
Numerous elements of the project and the furnishings combine to reinforce this feeling of acknowledgement and belonging, from the use of mixed cement for geometrically shaped flooring, to the choice of quality wall  lighting from Flos and the W. Barstools from Billiani which intensify the mood of the place and contribute to the storytelling.

Chair or barstool, lounge chair or rocker, all convey a strong historical characterization, alongside the height of modernity.

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