Magazine January 2017

Surfing with colour.

Colour is an international language which, just like gestures, is capable of communicating voicelessly and wordlessly, overcoming all linguistic, cultural and national boundaries. Thanks to our passions for fine-tuning and highlighting colours, and for showcasing our chairs in gorgeous lacquers,we are once again doing what we love, letting people sit comfortably, this time stateside in the USA where get-up-and-go and thousands of colourways are their daily bread. Maybe our imagination is running wild, but at Billiani we feel like we are actually surfing the rough and colourful Californian waves off San Diego with our chairs.

In the very heart of San Diego’s Little Italy, Solunto is a fun and diverse place, which gives a nod and a wink to Italy with its authentic cuisine. Solunto was designed by Serena Zanello of dopaminedesign and features a mix of Mediterranean colours, graphic wall displays, and personalized design items such as brightly lacquered CO2 chairs, whilst offering  three different experiences under the one roof:  bakery, restaurant and wine bar. Our CO2 chairs are not merely cute and comfy, they also innovatively remind us of that design icon, the “Navy Chair”, revisited for us by designer Aldo Cibic, with the key difference of being in wood… much appreciated by derrières everywhere!

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