Magazine February 2017

Spy in Paris.

If you want to see Paris through rose-tinted glasses, as in the Edith Piaf song, Hotel Le Général is the place where this can really happen, quite simply.
All is carefully thought out right down to the finest of details, for elegance is the key to every furnishing choice, and the Spy armchairs fit in snugly to this project, bringing with them all the know-how of an excellence of upholstery work.

Comfy and enveloping, Spy chairs provide a perfect balance between their seating and wrap-around parts. Spy is a collection that expresses strong stylistic coherence and is greatly sought after, both in its wooden and metal based versions. The collection is made up of  armchairs, a lounge chair with optional low stool, dining and coffee tables, and the brand new armchairs High and Bergère.

For those of us who love life in colour, Paris is pink, a solemn and naïve colour, just like the innocent part of falling in love.  Look for it in our collection of products!

The Milan Fair is just around the corner! We are gearing up to astound you with bags of great new items.
See you in Milan from 4th to 9th April 2017

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