Much more.

Design week is the most catalytic of the year and demands loads of energy.
This time we arrived in Milan with the satisfaction of having done much more than we had thought ourselves capable of, and aware that we had something new to say regarding seating … and not just that!
We managed to get ready even more new products than we had thought possible, all thanks to the teamwork of lots of people in many different roles, from designers to technical experts, from those who identify market demands to those who translate these into real objects that that can then add value to function.
We took a jump into the past, in search of precious legacies from the history of design and we were determined that the Takahama’s Marcelcoffee table should become much more than homage to this great designer, developing his original design, whilst all along rigorously maintaining its significance.
Now in the Billiani collection you will also find the Emilio Nanni designed Puccio, the barstool that gives a nod to rural lifestyles, and which has blossomed in our hands to become, in a short time, but with lots of work, an entire rich, functional and complete collection in itself.
The Blue chair and the Green chair, designed by Francesco Faccin, clearly display extreme cleanliness of design, regardless of fleeting trends in contemporaneity.
We realised that the new and much more amply dimensioned versions of the Spy armchair are extremely popular and will be a dream fit in settings where conveying warmth of welcome, style and elegance is key.
We were able to distribute the new catalogue hot off the press and we were delighted with your appreciation of its attractiveness, completeness, clarity, workability and the way it has been developed.

At Milan 2017 we lit up the fair with the brightness from our palette, with the usual keen eye for striking colourways;  we noticed this drawing you in and exciting you, and we have taken all your feedback on board.

Now …. the fair is over but at Milan there remains an active area that displays a selection of our products:  you can still find us at Via Tortona 31 in the Archiproducts area so that this lovely adventure can last for much more than a week!


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