Nanni at Archiproducts Milano

From 21st June  to 21st July, Archiproducts Milan hosted Emilio Nanni with his new work cycle, projects and productions where art blends in with design, and design with art.
To represent the part most closely related  to design, there was a selection of products designed for Billiani, in particular the new Puccio cololection for which Emilo Nanni took inspiration from the rural world. By revisiting the milking stool, transforming, illustrating, and researching balanced equilibriums in sketch drawing, the stool is transported into graphics and relocates it by cutting out new contemporary contexts for this disused object to exist in.
This collection presents a particular graphic strength, in numerous intriguing finishes, and from the Milan Fair we saw Puccio become, to our growing surprise and pleasure, the subject of many nods of approval  and countless requests.


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