Magazine June 2017

A nest of good taste in the very heart of New York City.

In New York City, an entanglement of beams is the design hallmark of the building that is home to Mediterraneo, a seafood restaurant serving other dishes too, with generally Italian flavours.  The menu is most appetizing, and some of the fayre on offer includes raw yellow tunafish, as well as oven-fired pizzas right down to a chocolate cake that you just want to keep on eating.
Mediterraneo’s fit-out was by the US design studio Riscala Agnese who played with the building’s proportions and boldly incorporated  these intertwined beams to create a welcoming and open ambience, rich in elegant style.

The smells of Italy can be savoured here  from the food, the atmosphere, the furnishings and the elegance of the seating which, through its own distinctive design, nicely complements the the restaurant’s theme:  in fact, the crosspiece that is a distinctive feature of the entire Croissantcollection sits perfectly alongside the crossed beams that distinguish Mediterraneo.
The Croissant collection offers a vast range of possibilities, from stools of various heights to side and armchairs, sofas, benches, footstools and variously sized tables, each and every one with the distinctive crosspiece feature, the ever stylish and fun work of designer Emilio Nanni.

The latest addition to the Croissant collection is the so-called day-bench, partially cushioned, which is ideal for setting down bags and computers.

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