Magazine July 2017

Oil then and Oil now.

It used to be a garage where the oil flowed for engines, now it’s a restaurant with a very personal stamp, stylish and refined … the oil’s still there, but it’s of an altogether  different type.  Meats and fish are prepared on the grill, well thought out dishes, appetizing and presented with care, with an abundance of seasonal vegetables.

Herculina is a split-level building in La Coruña, and has been skilfully refurbished by Avanza Gestion with a boldly distinctive windown in the wooden roof, and fitted out with an open kitchen and grill area.
Goc Creativos was responsible for the interior design choices and selected our Hippy as the perfect seating option with just the right flair.
Since design is all about specifying items that can increase the quality of life by supporting and enhancing it, sometimes building into the plan flavours and feelings from far away, extracted from different historical  contexts or cultures.

In this way, and through them, it’s possible to relive details and contents that add taste to a place, just like oil can to a good steak.
How do we approach design at Billiani?  With dedication, free creativity and the right dose of lightness that can, as in the case of Hippy, mean going back to revive, from the legacy of a youth movement that left a deep cultural impression, just a few concepts that are also perfect for a chair:  openness, the specific absence of any authoritarian aesthetic values, and the ability to mingle with community spirit.

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