Magazine August 2017

The morning heralds a brands a brand new day.

… and if the morning begins with a nice coffee, that’s absolutely ideal!
We are in Melbourne with yet another installation of Billiani seating. It’s an amusingly named place, inspired by the periodic table: “AU79” is in fact the symbol for gold. It’s a café, a bakery and a patisserie, and really can be that golden moment that lights up the day.

This project includes two of our products which, for differing reasons, particularly involve us, and we are delighted that MIM Design should have selected specifically Fratina and Gradisca to co-exist in such a lavish refurb.

Fratina is a chair that Luigi Billiani really was determined to develop. In 2015 he commissioned Emilio Nanni to design for him a chair with decided sobriety and with strong natural flavour. Fratina got off to a flying start, instantly winning the Red Dot Award 2016.

Alongside Fratina, in a spacious and contemporary area covered by a large botanical garden, Gradisca barstools are dotted around. Gradisca was one of the final designs for us by
Maestro Werther Toffoloni, a local Friuli designer, with whom we we worked over many years and who we remember with much affection and esteem.

An old garage at Abbotsford was transformed as if with the Midas Touch: the architecture and the interiors by MIM Design embrace the present whilst at the same time preserving its history.
The various areas of an enormous of an enormous building were carefully considered to create an easy flow and to divide the space into more intimate indoor groupings. The natural finishes, the authentic materials, the brasses, the textured  surfaces were basic design elements in the creation of a context with strong identity, that recounts with aplomb the building’s prior history, conserving aspects of a historical memory. Authenticity is gold – and that’s just what we love about AU79.

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