Lilliputs in Milan

They are a span high and have two very very wide eyes.  Lilliputs are rather  low coffee tables, made of solid or lacquered ashwood, with two contrasting natural wood knobs that wink at you cheekily.
And one’s gaze inevitably falls on this visual feature of only marginal appearance, which nonetheless embellishes and highlights a key component of the project.
These knobs allow Lilliput to be flat-packed for swift and environmentally friendly transport.
Once the box is opened, the 4 legs can be fitted securely to the top as quick as a flash and, hey presto, Bob’s your uncle, your Lilliput tables are ready to enliven and enhance either residential or contract settings.

On 3rd October
the Design Supermarket at La Rinascente 
will be presenting “LILLIPUT”
as well as creations from 9 other talented designers,
with all items remaining available for purchase there until December.

These Lilliput coffee tables were designed by Studioventotto, and originally presented at the 2017 Milan Satellite Fair, where they immediately caught the collective eye of brand Billiani who instantly fell in love with their concept and look to such an extent that they were immediately put into production, adding to the clean, fun design all the expertise of high quality production.

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