Magazine September 2017

Orders Once Obeyed now Enjoyed

Once upon a time there was the first seaside hotel to be built in Tito’s post-war Yugoslavia.
This is the story of the Jadran Hotel, in Tucena, present-day Croatia, which was constructed in 1948 for Secret Service high-ups and Communist Party officials.  It was built by German  prisoners of war, who were then sent home in 1949.
Once upon a time… today, on the other hand…
Today  is the result of an impressive recent refurb, to which Billiani contributed with particular satisfaction, through the supply of almost all of the hotel seating, finding itself in full harmony with the designer’s intentions.

Renovated with expert deftness of touch by architect Lea Aviani, a subversive force has now infiltrated this hotel, thereby re-establishing its charm and completely changing the connotations, rewriting its history.

Competence, good taste and a lively injection of colour have revolutionized spaces that for decades had been left in a state of neglect, bringing back the smells, energy and strength of the Mediterranean, sweeping away every trace of severity. Bluesun’s Hotel Jadran today, with its asymmetrical composition, as we have already described, sits very close to the sea on a rocky ridge at the foot of Mount Biokovo – the two elements really weaving the most wonderful synergy.

Each room at this hotel has an amazing sea view or looks onto the green slopes of Mount Biokovo. The design and layout of the structure and rooms take into account the exterior landscape, the whole complex developing so very many different situations and integrated with imposing beauty.
Today’s completely refurbished hotel conjures up romantic moments of tourism and leisure, transmitting that ancient charm of relaxation that we rarely find in today’s hectic lifestyle.
This is how we like to greet the summer, charged up with blue sea views, cosy interiors with vibrant colors in a story with a happy ending!

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