The story behind an object

There’s something energising about celebrating as well as  something that takes on even greater meaning. This is why we were so happy to celebrate in Bologna on 20th August with so many of you all.
Between sips of our cocktails we were able to focus on a project from the last century, the relaunch of Takahama’s Marcel table, and in so doing we were able to feel just how lovely it is to live design outside the “consumerism” box.
That special something that confirmed its own importance is the vision of design beyond trends, the recognition of the quality of a brand even though  the vast range of design production has never been as fertile as it has been over these past ten years. Beautiful things remain and are never superseded.
This is our way of seeing every product that we develop, looking for the detail that makes it beautiful and useful for ever.

Enrico Guandalini was our host at the Gavina store, and this very location of a space, itself  designed over half a century ago by Carlo Scarpa, provided the perfect backdrop for this event.
We met the entire Takahama family and architect Daniele Vincenzi was able to tell us about events in Kazuhide Takahama‘s life; this is just how we like to read up on a product, exploring the background of the hand that draws the pencil.
And the thought behind an object.

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