Magazine November 2017

Reading between the (fabric) lines at Brac bookstore.

The Brac bookstore just off Piazza Signoria and by Florence’s Uffizi arcade. Nestling in amongst the myriad courtyards of the Old Town, it comes across as a secret and enchanting place where you can read, eat, drink, or simply pass the time away in a friendly and welcoming environment. Brac offers an interpretation of the classic literati café, and includes a contemporary art bookshop, with café and kitchen.
The heart of the set-up is the covered yard that visibly connects the two main rooms: a surprising space that features verticality, colour, flexibility. It was conceived with the intention of limiting noise disturbance to local residents. More than 5,000 fabric strips in nine different colours dangle from above and engulf the visitor in an emotional space.

We just love this design by Deferrari+Modesti and we were absolutely delighted to see our long-standing Aloe chairs in this 2016 refurb; they told us that the Aloe were just the ticket for this new space and for us it is just so very rewarding to see a Billiani piece validated in this way in terms of quality, function, durability and insurpassable design.
We do like to be present in a literati café, because reading is a passion, a fire, that needs continually to be stoked, even creating new spaces in doing so.
In our beloved Friuli region, there have been numerous initiatives to maintain and promote reading, such as the historic “Pordenone Reads”, and “Born to Read”, as well as the most recent of all, “A Book A Day Long”, which took place just a few days ago on 27th October in throughout Friuli. A reading marathon that begins in the morning in all the region’s schools, continuing with hundreds of events right through to midnight right across Friuli Venezia Giulia (to give the region its full name!) Youngsters, terachers, librarians, bookshop owners, writers, mums, dads, grandparents all get involved in this day of reading and reading aloud, which starts at school and finishes at home.
In these contexts we like to consider ourselves useful supporters, because chairs are necessary for all kinds of nourishment, be it from food, from sitting together, or from a well-developed brain.

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