Magazine January 2018

Colours for daring palates.

You know those tranquil lawns that England is famous for?
Well this is a quite different kettle of fish… we’re in Boston, one of the USA’s oldest cities, founded in 1630 by a group of English puritans.
Over the years, Boston has increasingly distanced itself from its rigid foundations; it has absolutely boomed and become a free-thinking hub of culture and innovation. In Boston you can breathe in the verve that distinghishes lively societies that breed culture, research and evolution. There are over 50 colleges here, famed universities, centres of scientific and social research – the Bostonians’ rebellious spirit  is boldly present in US politics.

Against this backdrop we were in no way surprised to be asked to supply a range of distinctively varied furniture for Sumiao Hunan Kitchen.
Sumiao asked us for very bright and vivid colours and finishes, in line with the food on offer at a restaurant that aims at adventurous palates, located in a colourfully cosmopolitan city that never shirks from taking on board knowledge and experience. There’s not a trace of fear here and the the result is quite superb!
If you fancy giving it a go, you’ll find yourselves sitting at the bar on Load stools in euphoric blue nautical rope weave;  or seated at tables and choosing between the Nordica armchairs designed by Ferreri and Nanni’s generous Take chairs.  Both are playfully interpreted in fuchsia and grey.
This is no place for shy and retiring types, every nook and cranny expresses life and joyfulness, as well as the desire to experiment with taste.


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