Magazine February 2018

We all know what a hyphen is…

We all know what a hyphen is, but hyphenation is what CroissantW. and Tracy are all about, as here in bright blue, carefully matched in the wood lacquer and the choice of upholstery.
Connecting, linking, uniting, creating a more detailed meaning, all these concepts can be conveyed through good old hyphenation, as also used in Portuguese.
We are in Cascais, a seaside resort that that has expanded to become the cosmopolitan city that it is today, maintaining its charm and all its original beauty.
Wandering through the city centre, you could easily forget that you are just 25 minutes from a European capital, in fact the atmosphere you breathe is typical of a bright and fresh seaside town, where the quaint and the elegant sit side-by-side.

This restaurant was designed specifically on account of its privileged position by Sofia Duarte e Joao Mota in such a way as to maintain a close relationship with the outdoors.
The founding values of its development are indeed connection, between various places and cultures, and especially between various culinary tastes.
Hifen, to give the restaurant its Portuguese spelling, has a penchant for authenticity, preferring materials that convey the quality of the products, starting with the furniture, which is the first thing you see when you enter a new eatery.  In the quality of Billiani seating, the designers found an ideal partner in terms of the quality of primary materials used, and of service and experience in knowing how to respond professionally and fully to requests for colours and finishes, offering seating with varying characteristics but that speak to each other, from the soft welcome of the fully upholstered Croissant to the more upright Tracy and W.
All Billiani seating has the coherence of a very clear design idea which allows it to sit or stand side-by-side, in perfect hyphenation albeit different models.

The Hifen Restaurant strives for quality right down to the last ingredient that the chefs use. You’ll be able to understand this if you pop in for a Moscow Mule made of carrots! Hifen creates authentic culinary revolutuons, rustling up surprising but delicious vegetable cocktails, just the ticket either before or after dinner.
Since connections and concoctions always make new ideas bounce around our heads, all that is needed is a dash of experience and Bob’s your uncle!

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