Salone del Mobile 2018

Coherent, clean, challenging, sometimes irreverent, always exciting: every new entry that joins our collection becomes an opportunity to test ourselves, to test our technical know-how and consolidate the roots of our way of doing design, to come up with objects of  integrity and value.
In a very strong relationship between craftsmanship and industrial perfection we have developed as many as six brand new collections as well as some interesting additional versions that go to complete already established families.

This passion has an increasing hold over us, that of bringing new life to our assortment, that continuous, incessant process that intensifies with an important upcoming appointment.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Milan with:

Drum / Already a complete collection, with Drum chair, lounge chair, three heights of barstools and tables of various dimensions, which share the same flared seat.
Marimba / Wood and hide marry up in an unexpected way, in happy accord, based on harmony between stability and agility.

Layer / In a single flow, the frame incorporates the multilayer wooden armrest, which in turn is extended to join the padding of the backrest.
My Chair / Those characteristic sprouting”ears” are just unmistakable. My Chair winks with irreverent boldness while the turned legs from the rounded base transmit a feeling of softness and delicacy.
White / If White were a model it would be Anita Ekberg, being every bit as slinky and seductive as the Swedish siren of the swinging 60s. Through its generous forms, White follows the path traced by the Green and Blue chairs already present in the Billiani collection and it is inspired by sixties Nordic design.

Lilliput / These are decidely low coffee tables, in solid stained or lacquered ash, with two contrasting natural wooden knobs that wink like bright little eyes. A brand new a metal version joins the recently launched versions.

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