Magazine May 2018

All set for Palermo?

It is the 2018 Capital of Culture and, right in the basement of the Liberty building where Natalia Ginzburg was born, we at Billiani find something familiar, a “family lexicon” made of chairs, stools and small armchairs (the W. and the Croissants) that form part of our own everyday life.

In Via Libertà, an almost French boulevard studded with plane trees, the Cento61 restaurant has taken on new lease of life thanks to the initiative of the two young but very experienced owners and thanks to the creativity of DiDea studio. It is a real living room with a private garden, the perfect place to sit comfortably and spend quality time with friends and family, with good music and great food. Also fabulous drinks prepared by an amazing barista!
DiDea Studio composed of architects Nicola Giuseppe Andò, Emanuela Di Gaetano, Giuseppe De Lisi and Alfonso Riccio, has taken up the design challenge of “transforming the basement, five feet below road level, into an airy space, enhancing the garden and choosing finishes and materials that amplify the internal brightness “.

The interior is accessed from the garden. One of the letimotivs of the project is the use of white painted metal, declined as a narrow mesh or as a framework, giving industrial echoes and brightness to the various areas; alternating with the metal, oak panels and Calacatta marble slabs have been used. What excites us was the use of color on our seating, one of Billiani’s distinguishing features, which helps to make the whole room vivid and vibrant; yellow and blue in contrast with the cobalt blue of the armchairs.

Extremely detailed planning has clearly gone into this setting: it is a design point in Palermo, which revisits with extreme contemporaneity deep elements of the city’s identity, relaunching it decisively towards the future. We are thrilled to know that in one of the most well-kept places in the 2018 Capital of Culture 2018 our chairs are ready and waiting for you.

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