Magazine July 2018

Just like being at home.

There’s one fundamental point about hospitality:  the host remains, the guest is passing through, temporarily.
Rupert Simoner, CEO of the Vienna House hotel chain, decided to take this premise into account, to tinker with it and refine every aspect so that an overnight stay can be experienced like a return home. Viennese hospitality is famous, but here we go even further!
Simoner says: “We believe in the perfect moment, for us true beauty lies in the simple things in life, first and foremost in going home. We want to do just one thing really well:  take care of our guests and make them feel good “.

As exciting as a hotel, as flexible as a guest house, as relaxed as your own city centre pad, “Vienna House” makes it simple, the fun is genuine, the service friendly and no complications are allowed.
For the furnishing of the hotels of Castrop-Rauxel, Coburg, Trier, Wuppertal in Germany, and others in the initial roll-out phase, Billiani seating was selected, because its comfort level is completely in line with the ethos of a warm welcome that underpins the philosophy of this chain.

You will find Croissant armchairs at breakfast in the bakery, Hippy chairs in the rooms with a lounge area, and, for the co-working areas, Croissant stools at the benches in the bar area – as well as high-backed W. chairs in the meeting areas.
“Vienna House” hotels are cosmopolitan and domestic at the same time in a carefully calibrated mix that makes these Home-Hotels a tantalizing and flirtatious oxymoron. Though they differ amongst themselves, each hotel has that dedication to refinement that gives a nod to a culture of encounter, giving rise to  high-class creative hospitality.


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