Magazine August 2018

How could it fail to be a smash hit!

It is a particularly skilful and dynamic use of colour that makes this apartment (with sea view … and what a sea!) a real jewel of taste.
We have colour in our DNA and we immediately recognise those who can compose, with just the right harmony of full and empty, the colourful music that fills spaces and defines the style of a place.
The project “Apartment Lipari” by Fabrizio Miccò Architectural Associates is not reduced to a merely aesthetic exercise because this architect, so very passionate about the sea, has made space for it in every conceivable manner, so much so that it manages to enter into dialogue with the interiors and invade the eyes from every corner of what was once an old fisherman’s house.

The use of primary colours recalls the resoluteness of Rietveld’s works, but is reduced in the poetic dimension of a window looking out on the sea; the vivacity of the few elements treated with the power of colour (blue, red, yellow) are such as to produce rhythm and dynamism, for example through the marking of the elements that run in parallel, such as the beams supporting the mezzanine, the band that delimits the counter of the kitchen, the shelves of the suspended structure.
A choice able to influence the spatial effects of the environment by creating a play of levels emphasised precisely through the primary colours.

In this project Marianna Marini was called upon to finalize the design efforts of the architect Miccò, and she collaborated with the sensitivity and synthesis of those who have style, knowledge and good taste, selecting the furniture, the fabrics, and the designer objects.

From all the items in our collection an icon was chosen, the chair designed by a master of resoluteness and pure design in Marco Ferreri, a designer we favour greatly and whose acute intelligence we appreciate, alongside his subtle irony and unstinting planning.

Foglia, meaning “leaf”, as the name suggests, is the fruit of research into the potential of a sheet of wood, which is then molded and curved into its minimum thickness in order to obtain one of the lightest and most resistant (natural) seats on the market. Its lines are clean, and just knowing that it contributes to the enjoyment of a view of the Aeolian Islands, from such an interesting place, really does thrill us!

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