A good job well done!

Light years away from the greyness that has become a commonplace conception of office life.
This is how we like it, because for us it is creativity, energy, vitality, the stimulus that feeds our days: so we want it to be for everyone!

At Orgatec you appreciated the boldness of the colourways that we proposed to you, you particularly liked them even on very simple pieces like Tango, the coatstand with the turned joint designed especially for us by the Finn Timo Ripatti, which can not only be useful in multi-settings at the same time, but also, when combined in the three finishes, bring a real touch of style.

Thanks for spending time with us!

… and, if you don’t mind, we set off once again!

Since we never stop and in just a few days, at yet another exhibition, we’ll be offering you the opportunity to test us out in an area where we feel very much at home: EquipHotel is the must-do show for the Hotel, Restaurant and Café sector which brings together all the requirements in the trade. It will be an opportunity to get to know the completeness of the Billiani collections, which skillfully embrace all the contract functions, serving a demanding market for finishes and toughness, a punctual service for customized requests, and quality materials.
We carefully choose raw materials, finishes and coverings to juxtapose the validity, durability and certification alongside Billiani design. And let’s not forget … beauty!

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