Magazine November 2018

When does subject matter take centre stage?
… colour needs to know how to step aside!

It may come across as a paradox, but we who love colour so very much, we have come to understand that it is like music: where the right balance between sound and silence is key. And we know that there are contexts where the absence of fancy colours in no way detracts from the charm of a beautiful venue.
Forms and materials have to be unequivocal, as with our Fratina chairs, here in the new GIA restaurant in Dubai, designed by Hecker Guthrie.

Airy white, natural shades, with bright flashes, fine materials duetting between modern and retro looks, in a juxtaposition of great balance, making this space quite unmistakable.
We are at the GIA in Dubai, the new Italian restaurant in the Dubai Mall, commissioned by the Tuscan chef Tommaso Gonfiantini and designed by the Australian studio Hecker Guthrie, who decided upon the selection of our Fratina chairs: “We wanted to add a casual element, within a relatively formal space. It is also sublimely comfortable, and it’s also the perfect dining chair.”
The terrace has a cosmopolitan elegance and comfortably seated diners enjoy a fantastic view right in front of the Dubai Fountain; a superb place to enjoy perfect traditional Italian cuisine with a hint of modernity.

The Fratina chairs, winners of the 2016 Red Dot Award, look their best in natural finishes, where the solid ashwood (here simply bleached) can show off its natural heritage as a living and breathing wood.
The seats add that magical touch of weave, always an element full of quaintness because it immediately brings to mind the craftsmanship of straw-weavers and bestows on every piece the feeling that it was made by hand.


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