Stockholm Furniture Fair!

From 5th to 9th February we will be in Stockholm and already we are looking forward to being immersed in that purest of design oases.
But just what is it about Scandinavian style that is so strikingly captivating for  all of us? Simplicity, naturalness, candour? Its sheer perfection?
Perhaps it’s the great taste that Nordics have in coordinating furniture, objects, materials, a style so refined as to make every furnished corner look like a still-life interior decoration magazine.

The innovative force of Scandinavian design is to continue to amaze while remaining coherent, faithful to its own identity, to its own culture.
A style that we love precisely because it manages to enchant whilst remaining totally itself.

Delicately, materially and sinuously: this is how Billiani wants to look out over the Baltic Sea, as a tribute to what is the most important fair on the Scandinavian peninsula.
Among our proposals we have prioritised two elements: shape and matter, choosing in a particular way the essence of natural ash, the wood par excellence of Scandinavian design and a leading player in Nordic mythology.

The main protagonist for us in Stockholm will be the White chair, inspired by sixties Nordic design and by the internationally renowned Finnish designer, Harri Koskinen. White is chunky and solid: with its characteristic 4 cm leg diameter, it is a statuesque seat, yet simple, comfortable, practical and reassuring.

The Tango coat-stand results from collaboration with the Finn, Timo Ripatti.
The cleanliness of its design leads us to the origin of wood itself and so we find in a pure, iconic object, all the power of nature, of living wood, warm expression of Scandinavian design. The unusual twisting central joint is an embrace between several wooden elements that are joined together to generate the whole.

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