Magazine February 2019

Downside Up House

Every object dialogues with space, filling it with meanings, defining it, and listening to it.
Blue is a chair that expresses a lot about itself, both to the place that contains it and to the onlooker, and it does so particularly within this white casing.
Downside Up House is a residence with a strong design feel, created at Albert Park, Victoria, by Wala Architects.
Here the standard concepts of the classical house have been turned upside-down: the living spaces have been upgraded to the upper level, where the matching colour of the Blue strikes a bright note, and the whole sleeping area has been designed on the ground floor, well protected by a new surrounding wall along the alleyway.
On a plot of only 130 square meters, through carefully strategic design, a home has been developed that compromises neither space, nor quality of life, all the while paying great attention to light.

Photo: Tatjana Plitt

WALA is an emerging architecture firm based in Melbourne, proud to work in-depth with its customers, paying special attention to ensuring that each new home enhances both lifestyle and sense of individuality; this is why the furnishings, chosen by the stylist Rowena Moore, have been selected with great attention to design and quality.

The Blue chair tells us that the simplicity of the past is beauty, that clean lines are a form, that wood conveys stories of warmth and colour, thereby deepening them.
Blue, just like Green and White from the Billiani collection, has been born from the desire to revisit historical concepts of  chair design, probably going against the trend, but proposing them with a contemporary language and with advanced production techniques; all three of these chairs have the shared feature of a chunky leg, increasing the typical 3cm thickness to 4 cm, they are imposing but simple, bold yet gentle, and comfortably practical and reassuring.

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