News July 2019

This is scarcely surprising in a land that is a treasure trove of history: from the earliest ages, Puglia’s physical characteristics have attracted the immigration of a variety of peoples and the consequent flourishing of ethnic communities with the most diverse origins. Nowadays, Puglia is the standard-bearer of a multiculturalism that manifests itself in many fields, amongst which the culinary arts.

Taking full advantage of this coexistence of tastes and experiences, the Anonima Opifici communication and design studio has led all three restaurants through a process of defining commercial identity and space design, successfully specifying for each of them the most suitable Billiani model, able to speak the same language as the project itself.

Rù Peruano is an engaging fusion experience, made up of colours, shapes and tastes of typical Peruvian fayre, enriched through Asian and European influences. The Doll chairs, upholstered with fabrics that replicate the tones of the setting, are almost camouflaged in this context, but are then exposed by the white lacquering of their metal sleds.