News September 2019

Since the turn of the century we have been focusing on the contract market, and have fitted out restaurant dining rooms, bar counters, hotel lobbies, coworking offices and lounge areas of public spaces in every corner of the world. In twenty years we have recounted our models in so many languages, collaborating with architects and designers to create environments of the most varied styles, from local cafés and fast food outlets to luxury restaurants and prestigious hotel chains.

Sometimes we find out that these projects are finalists in important awards ceremonies, as in the case of Spicy NoSpicy and Fire & Bread, selected for the 2019 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, and we hold back when it comes to supporting them.

The Yod Design Lab studio wanted to start from this paradigm for the interior design, recreating and expressing this balance through the furnishings: the beechwood of the W. stools and the ash of the Fratina armchairs, selected in a warm natural colour, do in fact balance the sterility of aluminum against the brightness of the decorative elements.

The inimitable touch of Isabel Lopez Vilalta + Asociados design studio does not go unnoticed, with its knack of expressing the soul of its projects through form and colour combinations: nothing lies closer to Billiani’s own passion, which has always combined its core business of wood with ever more refined colourways.

Photo credit: Andriy Bezuglov and Salva López