News October 2019

Billiani es madera, huele a madera y piensa como la madera

Billiani is wood, smells of wood and thinks like wood

The words of Victor Carrasco. Enthusiastic and enthralling. He is the strategic director at Viccarbe as well as an excellent industrial designer, in which capacity he collaborates with prestigious companies on the international scene. We asked him some questions about Fitt Classic, the armchair he designed for Billiani.

In terms of design, how do you see Fitt Classic on the current international scene?

In a world full of information, the Fitt Classic collection was born with the mission of creating an “amable y lean” chair, clean and streamlined. An authentic chair, completely in wood but at the same time innovative for its feature of presenting itself in numerous and different variants of frames and backrests. It is a collection that invites architects and designers to participate in the product design phase, through the combination of the various options. In fact, I think that design should open up, become a two-way process.

How did the collaboration with Billiani come about?

Billiani is wood, smells of wood and thinks like wood. It is a solid company, with deep roots, yet agile and flexible. A product can become an icon only if delivered in the hands of a good company. It was gratifying to work with Billiani, we made ourselves available almost 24 hours a day to discuss every little detail.

How much has the final product changed from the first sketch?

More than changes there have been evolutions, slight adjustments. I believe more in conclusions than in fashions. My proposals seek essence and temporality, Billiani’s expertise helped me create a smooth transition between my idea and the final result.

What do you think about the expansion of the collection?

It is the key feature of Fitt Classic. Born as a growth platform to surprise every year with new variants of structures, backrests, and coatings.

In which contexts do you see your armchair fit better?

We live in a crossover in which products are distinguished between valid or less valid, not according to application at home or in the office. Nowadays, a good chair is equally suitable whether supplying six in a private home or six hundred in a hotel. Offices increasingly try to look like private homes, because it is at work that we spend most of our waking hours. No space is more categorisable, the computer age has merged the different spaces, probably forever.

How do you prefer to see Fitt Classic realised?

I prefer neutral colors, Fitt Classic’s natural wood version seems really exquisite to me. But if I happen to see it proposed in bolder colours, I will certainly smile when I see it. I don’t want to be categorical, everyone is entitled to see their own taste as being the best, so every day I humbly appreciate others’ opinions.