News November 2019

From a café to a bistro, from a restaurant to a wine bar: depending on the time of day, the Wilma Wunder location transforms itself, addressing a varying clientele during the day, offering an urban cuisine of local products and homemade specialities. The German Enchilada Group chain, one of the largest German food companies, is a charismatic concept with a strong sense of environmental responsibility, to the extent that it has adopted a bee colony to serve its own honey and support sustainable beekeeping!

Singular and eccentric, the locations are immediately recognizable thanks to Mirco Cavallo’s interior design. He is an architect from Treviso who moved to Germany, where five years ago he founded Superstudio21with his business partner Hubert Sterzinger, exporting successfully across the Alps his “Italian pride” and his ability to think and see in colour, developed as a child when he was surrounded by the wonderful objects of his esteemed antique-collecting father.

This love for detail, for the non-trivial and the non-anonymous, the propensity to include unpredictable tiny features in the project, are all elements strongly present in the new internal concept of the outlets in Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Dresden and Cologne, where each component is highly personalized, starting from the seating, all Billiani and all in bespoke finishes.