Sunrise by Cristina Celestino

At Milan Design City 2020, the Frisée and Corolla armchair collections were on view at the Senato Hotel, a Milan destination par excellence, which combines the welcome of family management with attention to the smallest detail combined with a historical and iconic location in via Senato.

To enhance her new designs, Cristina Celestino wanted to combine Billiani savoir-faire with familiarity with the world of hotels and place the new collections in a refined and intimate Milanese context.

“The name Sunrise, which is also intended to be a good omen for the city, for the world of design and for hotels in general, is the starting point for a dreamlike scenario which colours the water in the courtyard with a warm orange on which round terracotta colour platforms float round. The Frisée chairs are placed on these platforms, like surreal wooden sculptures, detached from their function and enhanced by the architectural context of the Palazzo Senato” explains Cristina Celestino.

Photo credit: Chiara Cadeddu.