Magazine May 2017

A well-mixed family.

At The Wine Room in Santo Domingo, they’re all getting on like a house on fire!
Interior Designer Héctor Bolívar and his design team at “Diagram Studio” have chosen a mix of Billiani items that co-exist most harmoniously in this especially multi-faceted locale, just like any self-respecting family.
The open-plan set-up invites customers to mingle in various areas, each with its own individual identity: from cosily secluded areas to larger ones for business meetings, for brunch and also ideal for special celebrations.

In the same way, with balance and personality, our chairs take their place: the hallmark sweetness of Doll, the classy sophistication of Toccata and Fuga, the minimalistic design of Load, the enveloping Spy with its unmistakable stitchwork, as well as the boldly rigorous armchairs from the Inka range.
It turns out to be harmoniously heterogeneous, sharp and exclusive. The furnishings are refined and luxurious, with cutting edge style and an a touch of industrial character to pay homage to wine.

The menu is also in line with this “Strength in Numbers” concept, offering international choice with specialities from all over the world, from tapas to salamis, and numerous other dishes that provide perfect accompaniments to the choice of local and international wines.
This is what we like: a great variety of richly textured finishes and materials that generate warmth, liveliness and energy. Just like in a well-mixed family, everybody brings their own personality, enhancing the fun of being together.

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