Edizioni is the peak expression of Billiani design.

Masters in woodworking, in recent years we have pushed our formal research towards increasingly advanced models. To do this, we have drawn on the creativity of designers and the knowledge of the Friulian chair district, rediscovering technical and manual skills that had almost disappeared. 

Edizioni is the outcome of this work, a collection of research that becomes an expression of a cultural heritage and a manufacturing tradition unique in the world.

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Edizioni design is characterized by particular craftsmanship, often inspired by cabinet-making — featuring undulating lines, weaves, joints, and skilful material subtractions. 

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Raw material is an essential component of Billiani’s design. The material of choice is wood: beech, oak, ash, and walnut, which are selected and worked based on their technical and aesthetic characteristics. Much attention is also given to the textile component: Billiani’s fabric collection is the result of chromatic and material research aimed at enhancing the shapes and volumes of the upholstered pieces, as well as their tactile appearance. Finally, Billiani relies on the craftsmanship of specialized workshops for metal and marble processing, as well as for the weaving of ropes, cords, and leathers.

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