New Landscape

How can we put nature back at the center of discussion? By thinking about landscape and the communities that bring it to life. In New Landscape we begin with a landscape close to us, that of the Tagliamento, the last river in Europe still free to flow on its original course, to narrate our latest explorations. 

Water and history are the threads that intertwine our experience with that of the historic Bergamo-based wool mill Torri Lana, with which we have produced an innovative collection of fabrics in natural yarns. Designed by Cristina Celestino, and produced exclusively for Billiani’s chairs. 

New Landscape speaks of an encounter based on precise visions and values: from the quality of raw materials – wood, in one case, natural fibers in the other – to the most authentic sustainability, that of people who know only one way of doing things: making them well, in total respect for nature and human beings. 

Photo by Mattia Balsamini
Text by Lisa Cadamuro