Timènt is Billiani’s first fabric collection. Created in collaboration with the historic Bergamo wool mill Torri Lana, it is inspired by the Tagliamento, the only European river that has not been changed by humankind and still flowing in its original bed.

Through these fabrics, Cristina Celestino wanted to reproduce, by means of textures and colours, the particular bed of intertwined channels of this wholly unique watercourse and the beauty of its floodplains. Oxbows and tributaries have become, through a process of abstraction, textures to be reproduced with graphics in woollen loops for the Greto collection; in organic cotton and hemp for the Golena collection. On a terracotta or rope-coloured warp – and platinum coloured in the organic cotton version – weft backgrounds with bouclé yarn and twisted hemp draw outlined areas of organic shape.

Foto scattate presso lo stabilimento TorriLana
E Billiani

The Greto collection is offered in eight variants: in some of these, weft and warp play tone on tone, with loops and waves that can be appreciated more by touch than by sight, while in others the contrastive weave emerges decisively on the warp. The Golena fabric, in four variants, stands out for its light base: a fresher version of the same design but equally material and lively thanks to the presence in the weft of the dry and natural twisted yarn of hemp. The presence of hemp, a material traditionally used for nautical and heavy-duty ropes, makes Golena ideal for use in covered outdoor areas.

Photo by Mattia Balsamini
Text by Lisa Cadamuro